Sigma's DP2 approaches release; pics and specs updated

We’ve been aware of the DP2 for some time, and although its predecessor was coolly received, I’m excited about this one. Everyone agreed that the DP1 was a technical accomplishment, but its actual performance was lacking. AF, shutter lag, speed in general was an issue, poor low light performance — the list goes on, even more so than I remember. But if Sigma has made the changes that need to happen, this could be a very impressive camera.


But the more I look at the specs, the more it looks the same. It uses a similar sensor (after buying out Foveon they may have appropriated some of their improved tech), a similar fixed lens (though significantly faster — f/2.8 vs. f/4), and the body looks almost completely unchanged. The button configuration has been switched around somewhat, but that’s about it, and the LCD screen (which was reviled in reviews) doesn’t seem to have changed either. You can focus a little closer (11 inches) but that’s not saying much.

I’m really hoping this camera turns out to be a better piece of kit than the DP1, but unless a lot of the changes are unadvertised, I don’t think it’ll be surpassing it by much. Still, we’ll do what we can to review it and cover what the rest of the world says about this interesting camera.

[via Imaging Resource]