Acer "Hornet": Wii-like PC game platform

I’d be skeptical of this Wii knockoff by a reputable hardware company, except that Asus has already gone down this road, so why not Acer? The Hornet, as reported on this Turkish site, appears to be an Atom-powered supercompact nettop meant to be clippped to the back of your monitor or HDTV, and has what appears to be a camera on the top corner. The camera will, I’m assuming, track the motion of your little Acer Wiimote and let you “enjoy in various kinds of PC games!”

Now, the English is broken and there are really only a couple shots of the thing itself, so it’s probably the case that this is just a concept being pitched right now. It wouldn’t be much of a gaming machine, but with all the casual games available for the PC, this isn’t that ridiculous of an idea. No release date obviously, although the price is estimated at “couple hundreds dollars.”


[via The Inquirer]