Skimming the Android pay apps: lookin' good, guys

There are more pay apps that have appeared in the last few hours for G1 owners than I think anyone expected. From updated versions of free apps to $10 news readers, there’s enough to keep you occupied for quite a while, especially considering the extremely limited preview you get in the Market. I’m hoping they’ll roll out a screenshot feature or an easy way to link to a website, but until we get our review blitz up and running, we’re all going to be flying a bit blind. Fortunately some developers have realized this and are letting us know a little more about their apps the traditional way. One such is WhitePages, whose caller ID app looks great:

It’s true what they say in their blog entry about Android: it’s very interesting for making low-level improvements like this one. The added functionality of background apps like WhitePages, MyBuzzDroid, and ShakeAwake are excellent but not necessary — the perfect position for a cheap or free app. I’m looking forward to testing out about a billion apps, and we’ll be sure to get reviews up as soon as possible.