Microsoft's My Phone looks simple, straightforward

We heard last week that My Phone, originally Skybox (a lofty name if I ever heard one), would be making its debut at MWC. Well, that was true, although it’s not exactly the belle of the ball. With a lot of white space and progress bars, this looks to be a, shall we say, utilitarian service. I’m sure it will get options to doll it up before long, but this is like putting out a cubic mouse. Sure, it works, but…

The interface is spare, but it looks like it works without a hitch, and there’s something to be said for clean UIs. It should also support multiple phones per account — and since you can choose what to sync on the phone side, you can have a business and personal phone that share only what you’d like them to — calendar, tasks, and maybe pictures, but not contacts or text messages for instance, but everything is still being synced to the My Phone service. We’ll have to find out later how it separates multiple phones’ pictures, texts, etc; the tester only had one phone for the moment. A couple more phone shots below; check out the web interface at the source.