Microsoft's "My Phone" to debut at MWC next week

microsoft-my-phone-betaMicrosoft’s bid to make Windows Mobile relevant should take off at the Mobile World Congress next week. We’ll be seeing the latest and greatest from the big M, hopefully including their answer to Apple’s MobileMe. Microsoft would have to try pretty hard to roll out something more poorly than that, but cross your fingers anyway.

My Phone should make syncing your contacts, favorites, and pictures easier by keeping them on a web page dedicated to your phone. Its full functionality is a matter of speculation right now, and will certainly expand with time, so I’m guessing there will be a lot of promises made on the 16th.

Will we see some Zune functionality at MWC? Lord, we can always hope. The Zune UI guys who went over to WinMo must have something good to show by now. We don’t need a Zune phone (although we’d like one), but give us something!