Fujifilm's fine new F200EXR features that sexy new sensor

A long time ago, on a site design far, far away from the current one, we mentioned that Fujifilm was preparing to release a totally awesome new sensor for point-and-shoots. A fundamental reorganization of the photodiode pattern results in… well, if you want to know, read the post. But the point is that they’ve made a more intelligent sensor instead of just packing more megapixels in.


Of course, the F200EXR isn’t short on megapixels, either. 12 of ’em should satisfy the most demanding point-and-shooter, and while the 5x optical zoom isn’t going to set the world on fire, it’s decent and you can always, you know, step closer. It has three modes, two of which are actually new and possibly useful:

  • Fine Capture Mode, which is basically normal mode
  • Pixel Fusion Mode, which uses pixel binning to increase sensitivity at the cost of fine detail — but in low light you were going to lose that detail anyway
  • Dual Capture, which takes two exposures at the same time and combines them to create a wider dynamic range.

It’s also got the usual face detection, image stabilization and shot modes. It’ll shoot rapid fire, but not very rapidly. The main selling point on this thing is the EXR sensor, which is probably difficult to demonstrate without actually trying it; that’s why we’ll get a full review of the thing up as soon as we can.