CVSDude Hopes To Continue Its Success in Silicon Valley

CVSDude’s 2009 is off to a promising start. The Australian-based provider of hosting software environment development just reported that January was the company’s biggest month of revenue in its six-year history, despite the worldwide economic downturn. And CVSDude recently acquired an Australian competitor, SharpForge, a project management SaaS company. Now, the company is trying to make its mark on Silicon Valley with a relocation of its headquarters to Palo Alto.

CVSDude said that “increased customer focus” was the primary reason for the move. Two-thirds of the company’s 3,000 clients are located in North America.

So why does an early stage start-up like CVSDude appear to be flourishing when many established tech companies are just barely managing to stay alive in the current economy? CVSDude’s software streamlines software development projects between developers and clients. And they’ve made some wise decisions in the past year. Last February, we reported that CVSDude partnered with oDesk, an online marketplace for developers. Additionally, CVSDude’s “cloud-based” systems allow developers, in different locations, to work on the same set of code without having to worry about redundancy and conflicts. For the company’s clients, which include Apple, Stanford University, and Intel, CVSDude’s software promises productivity in an economic climate where efficiency is crucial.