StarPlayr: You'll soon be able to listen to Sirius XM on your iPhone


Fancy listening to Backspin on your iPhone? Or maybe you’d like to hear the comedy stylings of Christian Jimmy on The Virus? Soon, friends. Soon. Supposedly. On the way to the App Store, the uSirius StarPlayr, an iPhone app that lets you listen to Sirius XM on your iPhone. Fancy that.

The application has been in development for some time, and the word over at Orbitcast is that it will be submitted to Apple for approval by January 31. Considering there’s no “boobs and booty” here, I can’t see the approval process lasting too long. It’s up to Apple.

So now CBS Radio and Pandora will have a little competition. The question now becomes, how long will radio, as a business, be around? (Three months.)

Yes, we’re a little late on this new; I blame the economy, which is a convenient escapegoat for all of life’s problems.

Photo: That guy Chris Pirillo’s Web site