Facebook Users Are Becoming Big Fans of Masturbation, And Other Page Stats

If you want to track the most popular fan pages on Facebook, AllFacebook pushed out a new Facebook Pages Tracker last night that keeps stats on 611,213 fan pages on the social network. Only about 57,000 of those pages have more than 1,000 fans. The top five fan pages are:

Wow, Nutella has more fans than pizza. Who knew?

The tracker also shows the fastest-growing fan pages. A fan page dedicated to masturbation grew 11,900 percent in the last week and is the No. 8 fastest-growing page (see first chart below). Now we know why social networks are overtaking porn sites in popularity. (I didn’t link to it here, but that fan page on Facebook is NSFW).

The least popular fan pages (in terms of daily growth) are included as well. On top of that sad list is Buddy’s Shamrock Tavern in New Jersey.

Looking at the stats also shows how big events can add to your fanbase. The New York Times, for instance, had a big jump of 135,000 fans from the ad they ran on Facebook’s homepage during the Presidential Inauguration. (See second chart below).

AllFacebook also now tracks more than 50,000 applications on Facebook (see previous coverage).