AllFacebook Is Giving Adonomics A Run For Its Money

When it comes to stats for Facebook apps, there aren’t that many places to go. You can click around Facebook itself, but it almost seems like they are trying to hide the stats and make it hard to compare different apps. Adonomics was the first to offer rankings and even made-up valuations for each app. They were followed by Developer Analytics, which covers apps across all social networks and gives monetization estimates (but charges for its best data). And now the AllFacebook blog is getting into the game with a pretty decent set of free stats for Facebook apps.

Today, AllFacebook just launched a demographic widget that lets you create comparison charts for any age or gender on Facebook by country. The chart above, for instance, shows male versus female Facebook members in the U.S age 35 to 44 (the ladies outnumber the men in that age group by nearly two-to-one).

But the more interesting stats are for the apps themselves. You can sort by developer name, monthly active users, or daily growth rate. For some reason, Adonomics still ranks apps and developers by daily active users, even though Facebook switched to monthly stats a long time ago. For that reason, the ranking of top developers at AllFacebook and Adonomics is slightly different (see below).

I prefer AllFacebook’s approach. The data is all free and it is easier to switch and sort so that you see exactly what you want. Tracking growth rates is really helpful. I’d like to see more charting features like the one it introduced today for demographics. And that blue highlighting has got to go.

What is your favorite source of stats for Facebook apps? Where is the OpenSocial app tracker? There’s got to be something better than this.