Danish gamers arrested when game noises mistaken for real murders

”][Image (modified, obviously) courtesy of Ekstra Bladet]
This is pretty dumb, but if your TV is up so loud that your neighbors are mistaking your Call of Duty game for actual warfare, or your GTA for real-life murders, you might want to consider better sound insulation. Or new neighbors.

It seems that said neighbors in the town of Valby called the police, who then deployed the Danish equivalent of SWAT, who surrounded the area and megaphoned the kids to come out with their hands up, which the kids did. That must have been quite a rush!

The kids were quickly released once it was determined that it was just a game. I’m guessing the officers threw down on a round just to be sure. I wonder what my neighbors think of me? Probably that I “need a dispenser here” and fire a lot of rockets.

[via The Register]