Celebrity Twitter Accounts Hacked (Bill O'Reilly, Britney Spears, Obama, More)

My guess is this has nothing to do with the phishing attacks that started on Twitter a couple of days ago. But a few minutes ago the official Fox News Twitter account posted “Breaking: Bill O Riley is gay” (referring to the host of the popular Fox show O’Reilly Factor), right after a legitimate message about making turkey lettuce wraps.

My guess is they’re just finding out about it now, and realizing their password, which was probably “password,” has been changed. Twitter will promptly restore the account to its rightful owners, I’m sure. But here’s my question – if you’ve had your Twitter account hacked, how long did it take you to get it back?

Update: Ok, this is turning into a coordinated attack or one heck of a coincidence. The official Britney Spears Twitter account (which launched in October) also appears to have been hacked Any others?

Update 2: We’ve got another winner: Rick Sanchez from CNN, who’s apparently not going to make it to work today because he’s “high on crack right now.”

Update 3: Et Tu, Facebook? (see comments for bonus hack on Obama’s account)

Update 4: Next! Huffington Post goes down too:

Update 5: 33 accounts were hacked after Twitter’s internal admin tools were compromised.