OMG Britney! On Twitter!

This is perhaps the most exciting news since the May launch of I’d like to welcome Britney Spears to our world. She (or rather her people) have launched both a Twitter account and a bloggy sort of site with near constant updates on her fascinating life.

Her new song Womanizer also jumped from no. 96 to no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s not for me, I’m more of a Disturbia fan myself.

The blog doesn’t appear to have any original content from Britney, other than the teleprompted videos like the one below. It’s also music free, which sort of seems to remove the point of visiting. She should embed some music from Imeem or iLike and get paid for all those streams. And link to Amazon or iTunes for downloads. Maybe a few less of the site visitors would use BitTorrent for all their music needs.

I’ll say this, though. This is solid gold for Twitter. A few more of these and it will be hard to argue that it isn’t going mainstream.