GeForce GTX 295: not quite a 4870 X2-killer

NVIDIA’s ice-cream sandwich-looking dual-GPU answer to AMD’s dual-GPU 4870 X2 doesn’t excel, but doesn’t disappoint, either. Although the GeForce GTX 280 has recently surpassed the 4870 in performance with its new drivers, the architecture of the GTX 295 limits the capabilities and makes it just barely eke ahead of AMD, and even then it’s with a price premium. At $500 it’s a bit more expensive than its competitor, but a little too close for comfort with its own brethren which it outperforms handily.

The article linked is a limited preview, and next month there will likely be better drivers and more extensive testing, so this could all change drastically, but that’s not likely — still, although the 295 may not be a huge step forward, it may be a better card for certain games or setups, so wait until the full verdict is in before spending all your Hannukah money.