Amiando Releases Ticketing API

Event ticketing service Amiando (we are using them for the Crunchies) wants to spread its ticketing service throughout the Web. It has a new Community Ticketing feature that lets websites and social networks embed the ticketing functionality into their sites instead of linking off to Amiando. Here is the API.

Amiando is offering to waive $200 from its fee for the first 50 TechCrunch readers to sign up for the API (mention “techcrunch).

One of Amiando’s features is its ViralTickets, which allows anyone in the community around a particular site to grab a widget and sell tickets on their site or blog. As an incentive, they get to keep a portion of the ticketing fee. So if a niche social network implements the API, its users could sell tickets directly from their pages. The social network or any site owner would be able to set a fee that it would keep (about 60 percent of which would go to Amiando, not including some expenses), and the rest would go to the organizer of the event. For a $100 ticket, if the fee is 10%, the event organizer keeps $90, and the rest gets split between the social network/community site, Amiando, and any viral marketing fans of the event.