Amiando Makes Tickets Go Viral and Widgetizes Event Management. ($200 Discount For TechCrunch Readers)

How do businesses get people to come to their events? Viral marketing is one way. But Munich-based event-management site Amiando has figured out a way to make the tickets themselves viral. Today it launched ViralTickets. If you buy a ViralTicket for an event on Amiando, you get a referral code that you can pass onto friends or colleagues. Anyone with that code gets a discount, and the original referrer gets a refund on his or her original ticket purchase. So if you buy a $100 ticket, for instance, and pass the code to three of your friends, they could each get a $10 discount on the tickets, and you could get a $15 refund (or whatever amount the event organizer decides to offer).

ViralTickets is part of a redesign of Amiando’s site, which now lets event organizers customize their events pages with different widgets. These include ones for ticket sales, car pools, message boards, participants lists, photos, music, videos, polls, surveys and more. You can also take these widgets and put them on your blog or MySpace page to spread the word even more. For instance, below is a ticketing widget for a fake event (it’s live, so don’t actually buy any tickets).

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Amiando can offer ViralTickets because it takes care of all the payments, and so can manage all of the discount calculations and refunds itself. (You can also use Amiando to manage free events). Amiando takes a 7.5 percent cut of all ticket sales to manage all the ticketing, take care of payment processing, print up badges, and manage returns. If you just want to use Paypal and deal with the ticket management yourself, Amiando lets you do that also and just takes a 1.5 percent fee.

To celebrate its redesign, Amiando is offering a free event to the first 1000 TechCrunch readers who signs up with the promotion code “techcrunch” (up to $200 worth of fees).