Contest: Nerdiest gamer wins a nerdy game

So Penny Arcade just released the second episode of its well-liked Penny Arcade Adventures series. Well, we happen to have a very nice collector’s edition of the first episode sitting around and we thought it might be nice to give away a matching pair to a loyal reader. So what do you have to do to win?

All you need to do to qualify is put a comment below that has your top 3 games that you totally nerd out on. For example, my list would be:

1. X-COM: UFO Defense
2. Master of Orion 2
3. Mega Man 2

See, isn’t that easy? Feel free to add links if your game is so nerdy none of us nerds know about it. This is a judgment-free zone (like PAX) and you will not be mocked, even if you really like Ragnarok Online or Harry Potter card games; trash talkers will be disqualified.

So, drop a comment and after this weekend (let’s say on Monday) we’ll pick the lucky recipient of this luxurious Precipice limited edition and a regular-style copy of the 2nd episode.

Update: Winner post here, in case you guys bookmarked this page.