EA laying off 600 people, tightening belt

Really now. I would have expected the Death Star to lay off people before EA would. I guess the Empire had a pretty solid economy, though. It seems that although EA is doing well in the long term, it’s cautious of incurring too much in costs during the downturn. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be having Maddens for years to come, but a 6 percent reduction in headcount at something like EA is a serious move. I hope they don’t have make any more like that.

It feels a little weird rooting for the big guy, but let’s be honest: when they make cuts, they’re going to make it to the less profitable sections, i.e. original games with new ideas that don’t sell in the millions. As much as EA gets flak for being a sequel machine, at least they still put out genuinely good stuff every once in a while.