Fallout DRM not exactly "mild"

Earlier this month, one of the Fallout 3 developers at Bethesda described the intended DRM for the game as the “mildest form possible.” Well, Securom7 isn’t really the mildest form possible, since it has a serious problem coexisting with drive emulation software like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%. Now, they could have done a lot worse, and to be honest, it doesn’t interfere with most users. But it doesn’t seem to be deterring pirates (I count about 50,000 people downloading it on TPB as I write this), and after making a serious statement like your DRM will be “basically nothing,” the vocal minority will have its say. Even the pirates will complain! (look on the right)

The solution? Get that sucker on Steam. I did. No disc, no worries, and it doesn’t seem to have any trouble living next to my Daemon Tools, either. Clicky there –>

The risks associated with digital distribution are all but eliminated at this point, while the difficulty of using discs becomes greater and greater. Like Blu-Ray, boxed copies are going the way of the dodo. It’s too much effort to go kicking and screaming so I’m just going to go limp.
[thanks for the tip, Matt]