MatchMine Throws In The Towel

Massachusetts based MatchMine, which raised $10 million a year ago, has shut down operations.

The company created media recommendations that categorizes and analyzes your media likes and dislikes in order to serve you content that is more to your taste.

In a blog post today CEO Michael Troiano talks about the shutdown, and encourages others to hire the team, but he gives few details about the reason for the failure.

He suggests there’s some drama behind the scenes: “I could not have imagined this last Thursday, let alone earlier. It is one thing to be failed, quite another to have been deceived.” My guess (and it’s only a guess) is he’s pointing the finger at his investor, Kraft Group. Either a promised bridge funding fell through, or Kraft pulled what was left of their previous investment out of the company. That’s the only reasonable explanation for how the CEO didn’t know the company was shutting down a day before it happened.

MatchMine joins the DeadPool and have also been added to the Layoff Tracker.