Playboy is getting out of the DVD business, going all-online

Facing rising ink and paper costs and a declining demand for physical discs, the world’s most recognizable skin rag — I mean, adult entertainment periodical — is getting out of the DVD business. Their online distribution system will be their primary method of content distribution, and other cost-cutting measures will be taken in order to return the company to profitability. Another sign of the times, I guess.

What shocks me is the small scale of the operation. Their entire DVD division is being axed and it’s 55 jobs. This is Playboy we’re talking about here! And their yearly revenue is around $70-80 million. Why, I could buy and sell them 10 times over! Actually, no. But I’d like to. Interestingly, they’re focusing on Playboy fragrances. Who wants to smell like… whatever that is?
[via HardOCP]