OpenOffice 3.0 is semi-out, get downloadin'

If you guys haven’t tried out OpenOffice… well, it’s okay. No, it’s good, it’s just that they’re building an office suite to compete with people who have been “refining” their product for a couple decades now. Still, even in traditional office environments, word processors, spreadsheets and so on are giving way to either more specialized tools or free/online versions. I still don’t trust online tools enough to use them for anything but the most superficial tasks, but I’m also not about to shell out hundreds for an office suite I’ll hardly ever use, or go through the trouble of pirating it. OpenOffice to the rescue!

Although I doubt this new version will truly leapfrog Office, it certainly is free, open source, and much more likely to change in response to the demands of an quickly-changing software climate.