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I wish we didn’t have to publish this in episodic format (here are parts one and two), but really it is a good interview and we wouldn’t want you to have to wait to hear about it — since we know you get all your news from CrrrrrunchGear dot com.

Today’s portion of the extensive interview with Peter Moore has to do with the internal reaction to the Xbox at Microsoft, why they killed it early, and some possibly controversial opinions about Rare. It seems Peter isn’t afraid of ruffling feathers, although we’ve seen that rocking the boat can have consequences, as with the recent firing of the Xbox 360’s insider critic.

Don’t you think it’s a little creepy, though, when Microsoft can just make a Saturday morning cartoon show to back up their new intellectual property? I guess it’s been done for years (TMNT and the like) but it still freaks me out. What’s next, Vista Voltron?

[Image clearly from Penny Arcade]

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