Billing Revolution Unveils 'Single-Click' Mobile Billing And Payment Service

Billing Revolution

Although buying products from your desktop at home has become just as customary as buying products at the store, few have found reason to buy products on their cell phones. In an attempt to buck that trend and make it easier for consumers to buy products from their cell phone, Billing Revolution announced today that it will offer a ‘single-click’ billing and payment service that will streamline mobile purchases.

Once consumers are ready to buy something from the Web from a vendor that employs Billing Revolution’s service for payment, they are taken to Billing Revolution’s purchase page where they input credit card information from their phone. Once complete, Billing Revolution automatically sends an SMS receipt to their phone, which contains a link. After clicking that link, authentication is complete and with all future purchases, consumers will need only to click ‘buy’ for a transaction to be completed.

Billing Revolution is taking a risk with this platform that may or may not pay off. Right now, mobile purchases are just a small segment of online commerce and few consumers are willing to buy a product with their cell phones. But if Billing Revolution’s beliefs are right that all it takes is a simple process and the ability to buy products with a single click, it’s in a prime position to capitalize on what it believes is a booming market.