GoodBarry GoodBusiness Aims To Make Ecommerce Easier

goodbarry.jpgGoodBusiness, a new hosted application package from GoodBarry is aiming to make ecommerce easier for small business owners.

There’s a lot of options in this space, everything from CMS packages through to commercial high end hosted options. GoodBusiness is aimed at small businesses who either cant afford the high end packages, or don’t have the skills available to do it themselves. The package includes website creation, lead management, email marketing, online shopping, blogging, and business analytics in the one system. GoodBusiness offers a “customer centric vision” of a website, with every feature integrated into a central customer database allowing businesses to automatically build customer profiles and track behavior across their online business.

GoodBusiness competes directly with Shopify, a product we reviewed in April 2006. GoodBarry argues that GoodBusiness offers a more customer-centric ecommerce package that provides a complete picture of customer behavior, allowing for better informed decisions; however both packages do provide a similar outcome: a simplified software-as-a-service ecommerce package.

GoodBusiness pricing starts at $39/month for the most basic plan and includes all features. Higher plans are available with more bandwidth, disk space and admin user accounts.