Ultrasone drops new Pro cans, they look shiny, sound like the business

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If my ears could salivate, they’d do so now. While these new Pro-level headphones from Ultrasone are a little out of my price range, they sure are going to make some flush audiophile happy. They tell me that Sennheiser tried to buy some of their audio tech a few years ago but were rejected — and maybe if you had a pair of these PRO 900s, you could hear the world’s tiniest violin playing just for Sennheiser. Here’s the stats, for those of you keeping track:

• S-Logic™ Plus Natural Surround Sound (that’s their proprietary tech)
• Dynamic principle
• Frequency range 6Hz-42kHz
• Impedance 40 Ohm
• Driver 40 mm Titanium Plated
• Weight 295 g (without cord)

Hot! They cost $600, though. Call your sugar daddy.

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