Nikon D90 official stats, pics from all angles

Yes, you’re probably tired of hearing about the D90, what with post after post after post, all by me. And I’m not even a Nikon guy! It’s not our fault the info has been leaking out in fun-size pieces rather than the whole kit and kaboodle. At any rate, this is the last D90 post until — ah, who am I kidding. We’ll probably have another one tonight.

Pics from Nikon Rumors and Photography Bay. Stats after the hump.

Stats from NR:

Video recording
12,3 Mpx.
ISO 200-3.200 plus Lo1 (100) and Hi 1 (6.400)
3″ 900.000 dots LCD
11 AF points
Live-View, AF contrast, Face detection
Matrix sensor for metering 420 pixels RGB
Powerful speaker (for video in review mode)

And we’re done.