Seattleites, go to Sub Pop's music festival for me and Zune it up

I’m mainly posting this out of frustration, since I’m traveling to LA this weekend to visit friends and go to E3 and can’t go. If you’re in Seattle, you are likely aware of Sub Pop’s upcoming SP20 music festival, starting (kind of) tonight. I’m angry because I’m missing a bunch of sweet bands like Kinski, Low, Iron and Wine, and most of all Comets on Fire.

If you’re interested, you can probably find a few tracks at Sub Pop’s Zune page (or at my own site). I mention the Zune page not because I’m a Zunatic or something but because Zune is one of the show’s sponsors and will be putting up exclusive tracks on the Zune marketplace after the festival. I’ll be hitting that up because it’s been a while since I got any new Comets on Fire stuff, and you should too. The Zune guys will probably have a booth so drop by and see what they’ve got cookin’.