SynthaSite Launches New Interface To Simplify WYSIWYG Site Creation

SynthaSite, an AJAX-based webpage editor that lets users create websites by dragging-and-dropping, has relaunched with a new interface that it hopes will make the site more appealing to casual web designers. While most of the feature set will stay the same, the company believes that the new interface will expose users to features that were hidden in confusing menus in the last iteration of the site.

One of the most useful features of SynthaSite is its integration with Picnik, an online image editing site. Users can easily manipulate the images they’ve uploaded to SynthaSite using Picnik’s browser-based editor, with the changes seamlessly reflected in their SynthaSite library.

We originally wrote about SynthaSite in September 2006. A year later, the site made the bold (and somewhat bizarre) move of giving away some of its stock away to users, prompting Michael to question if it was becoming desperate. The site later raised $5 million, allaying these concerns. SynthaSite sees competition from a number of other WYSIWYG designers, including Wix and Weebly.