Very Early Look at Synthasite's Ajax Website Builder

South Africa based incuBeta will soon launch a website builder called Synthasite to help people build webpages entirely online. It will include a lot of the functionality of desktop applications like Frontpage and Dreamweaver (think Writely or Zoho Writer v. Word).

Like Sitekreator and Google Page Creator, Synthasite will be an entirely online application. The service, which is in private beta testing, won’t be launching until later in the fall. However, we’ve had a chance to test it.

Synthasite is going to be very popular. Like Sitekreator it has a wide variety of templates to choose from, and the team has a few ideas on how to help site creators integrate with third party web services as well. It has significantly more functionality than Google Page Creator. However, the beta product is only working currently in Internet Explorer (Firefox will be released soon), and we had a lot of trouble with the site repeatedly crashing and closing down. When we persisted, the results were good, though, and we assume that there will be no public launch before the the site is completely, or at least mostly, stable.

We’ll have a detailed review just as soon as it’s available on Firefox (and therefore Mac) and compare/contrast to Sitekreator.