Vodafone NZ iPhone 3G plans: $200 per month for 1 gig of data

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Oh my god! Are they insane? The Vodafone New Zealand site is choking right now is back up, and this appears to be the most god-awful money-grabbing scheme I’ve ever seen in this dirty business. I feel for you guys in Canada but this is highway robbery on a whole other scale.

First of all, the phone costs a freaking small fortune unless you go with their most expensive plan. And if you go with their most expensive plan, it costs a goddamn mint! The prices should be approximated to about 75% of their NZ amount, but even so you’re looking at a nearly $200 per month cell phone plan, people. This can’t be happening. [thanks for the tip, Ben]

Yeah, I know the headline says $200 and it’s really $188. Just wait a month for our dollar to drop another couple points, you pedant! $200 pops, people!

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