High-End SSD in an Eee basically doubles performance

graph from article, obviously
You may have seen the teardown of an Eee 1000H a week ago. That was cool and it also revealed that the hard drive was trivially easy to replace. Of course, the 5400RPM, 80GB drive was never meant as a performance piece, more a cost and energy saver than anything. But if you could replace it with something awesome, why wouldn’t you?

And that’s just what these guys did. They took a nice, fast Samsung SATA II 64GB SSD, popped it in there, and ran a few tests. Basically, it booted 10 seconds faster, started every program in half the time or less, and had a longer battery life and way better file read times to boot. Of course, this particular SSD costs a grand, but it was more a proof of concept than anything. I look forward to the day these things are standard. It’d give a nice performance boost in Diablo III.