Novint partnering with Valve to make freaky, awesome robo-peripheral useful

A while ago I posted about how Novint, an innovative and ambitious peripheral company took their freaky-deaky Falcon controller straight to EA instead of standing around like some kind of techno-wallflower. Well, it worked out pretty well and they’re leveraging it into more deals: they’re teaming up with Valve to add Falcon support to a ton of their games.

As befitting my skeptical nature, I’m withholding judgment until I get my hands on one, but to be honest if it’s good enough for Gabe Newell it’s probably good enough for me. Valve has seen fit to add support for the Falcon to the entire Orange Box, probably the best set of games for $40 in history. Of course, if you buy it bundled with the Falcon, the price goes up by about $200, so it’s not as much of a bargain, but this thing may just be a representative from the future of controllers.