Google: Android for sure in 4th quarter of 2008

There’s been waffling about the date Android handsets will become available. I’ve heard February, March (clearly wrong), Summer, late Summer, “second half of 2008” and “late 2008.” Well, not surprisingly, it looks like the latest estimate is the most accurate. Google has decreed:

“We’re still on track to announce Android-powered phones this year. Some of our partners are publicly stating that they plan to ship Android phones in the fourth quarter.”

I doubt it will be too little, but it may be too late. After all, the Diamond is out, new iPhone will (I don’t know if you heard this) be arriving next week by all estimates, followed shortly I’m sure by the Xperia, Ocean 2, and maybe even something from NVIDIA, for the love of god.

I’m rooting for you, Google, but if you want to get ahead in this game, you have to release a half-baked product and then revise it — like everyone else.