Guitar Hero 4 for Wii gets downloadable content

Because of the Wii’s rather silly amount of storage space available (512MB), developers have been loath to plan on downloadable content for the system. But Vicarious, the developers for the upcoming Guitar Hero 4, understand that to make the most of the Wii market may be the difference between a success and a smashing success, so they’re doing it anyway.

They’re not revealing how they’re going to store all those songs; the Wii won’t access them if they’re on an SD card and 512mb would fill up mighty fast. So what’s a developer to do? Allow me to speculate wildly: a gig or more of space built into the next-generation Guitar Hero controller. Why not? You can get 1GB SD cards for five bucks these days, and in bulk they could probably include a couple gigs of space for less than $10 extra on top of the controller price. Mark my words, it’s gonna happen.