WidgetBucks Announces Deals with Marchex

picture-167.pngWidgetBucks has announced the expansion of its ad widget network through an agreement with Marchex. The deal touches on key growth areas for WidgetBucks: premium CPM display advertising to its publisher base and expanding distribution of CPC product ad widgets.

The deal with Marchex sees WidgetBucks powering local, debt/ finance, and pay-per-call advertising across Marchex’s local content network. WidgetBucks’ ad widgets will be integrated into hundreds of sites across Marchex’s content network.

Since launching in October 2007, WidgetBucks has seen some amazing growth rates. The service is now delivering over 700 million impressions per month and is projected to grow to 2 billion a month by the end of the year. Since launching, WidgetBucks has served over 3.5 billion impressions from 20,000 active publishers. According to comScore, 70 million unique users saw WidgetBucks ads in March 2008, and as we’ve previously noted, WidgetBucks is now ranking in the Top 10 list for niche ad networks.