Not A Misprint: AOL's Platform A Is The Top Advertising Network By Reach

New figures released by comScore show that AOL’s Platform A advertising network is the top advertising network in the United States by reach (unique visitors).

According to the figures, Platform A reaches 90.7% of all American internet users, ahead of Yahoo on 85.3% and Google on 80.9%. AOL’s figures include ads served from


Erick covered rumors of an AOL advertising lead IPO in September 2007 and more recently AOL was said to be in merger talks with Yahoo. Ultimately these figures don’t equate to revenue, but market leader by reach is certainly a strong selling point for AOL in any merger talks or for an IPO.

comScore also released figures for “niche” advertising networks and the Snap Shots Advertising network, launched in November 2007, came out on top. Another notable entry is Widget Bucks, which launched in October 2007.