OLPC to become OLPXPC as program switches from Linux to Windows

jacked from GIS. sorry, creator

The XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project was originally supposed to make inroads into the developing world and low-income areas for the free and open source community. But OLPC’s founder thinks that the Sugar OS is scaring off investors and buyers alike. He says:

"One can be an open-source advocate without being an open-source fundamentalist."

Which is true, but I think that’s a bit disingenuous when you’re ostensibly trying to provide simple, efficient, and low-cost computing to people who’ve never seen a mouse before. He complains that Sugar doesn’t support the latest Flash framework, required for many children’s sites, but can’t they just push a patch out? I’d guess there’s a lot more to it than that, and a proven OS might draw a few more investors. Open Source and Linux are definitely entering the mainstream, but I think compromises like this will have to be expected for a long time to come.