Live From the Next Web (2008): Day 2


On Day Two of the Next Web conference, we are once again streaming it live from Amsterdam (click more). Kicking things off is Robert Scoble, who is talking about the new digital divide: People with friends and people without friends. The old digital divide (rich versus poor) still exists. But the new digital divide is a consequence of how social software works. You have a better experience on Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Upcoming or even Google Reader the more friends that you have. But if you don’t have any friends, the experience really sucks.

The speaker lineup today includes: Robert Scoble, Werner Vogels (Amazon CTO), Jessica Mah (17-year-old blogger/entrepreneur), Chris Saad (, startup demos, and comedy troop Boom Chicago.

Update 5: and we’re done. That Wikipedia movie was awesome.

Update 4: The winners of the Next Web European web awards are here.

Update 3: Watch the world Premier of documentary movie: The World According to Wikipedia.
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Update 2: Boom Chicago performed. Then Amazon CTO Werner Vogels (live blog). StumbleUpon founder Garret Camp talked about the future of discovery and search. Startup demos one and two. Boom Chicago. Chris Saad and Khris Loux (data portability).

Update 1: Mike Butcher of TechCrunch UK & Ireland is live blogging the startup pitches.