Live From The Next Web (2008)


If you couldn’t make it to Amsterdam, Mike Butcher is live blogging the Next Web conference on TechCrunch UK. Read his individual posts on How to Deal With VCs (Adeo Ressi), the first batch of startup demos (CoComment, eBuddy,, Wuaw, Introniche, Empressr), Open Widgets (Khris Loux), and Lookery’s play for European social networking ads. Or you can watch a live stream of the entire conference here (in Silverlight) or here (Windows only).

Update: Click on more below and see the live stream here in Silverlight. Right now Scott Rafer (founder of MyBlogLog and Lookery) is interviewing Kevin Rose of Digg. He says he is working on a recommendation system for Digg that will show you Diggs from other people who Digg items similar to what you Digg that should be out this summer. That could be huge. Also, on the difference between Twitter and Pownce: “Pownce is an amazing platform for sharing media with your friends and having a conversation around that media.” (TechCrunch UK has a complete write-up of the Rafer-Rose Q&A).

Update 2: Now up: Leah Culver, Nova Spivack, and demos from Netlog, Webnode, Lookery, Zilok, Radionomy, and Wakoopa.

Update 3
: An episode of Diggnation will be streamed live here, starting at 11:50 AM ET. Make that 12:30 PM ET. This thing is starting now.

Update 3: Show’s over. We’ll be streaming the rest of the conference tomorrow.