They call this case the Tempest for a reason

If you’re running SLI GeForce 8800GTs, you have 4 7200RPM HDDs, plus sound and possibly physics cards all going on a 1000W PSU, you’re generating a ton of heat and even 4 standard fans are going to be unable to keep it cool. I guess that’s why the NZXT Tempest has six case fans.

Two on the top, two on the front, one in the back and one on the side. Sounds like my usual Saturday night, heyooo! Anyway, It’s certainly a good-looking case, and sturdy steel-constructed. Usually acrylic in cases bugs me, but this is pretty tasteful, though as usual I’d prefer not having the blue LED lighting. It’s got a bottom-mounting PSU, which is kind of weird, but it makes it less likely for your cables to sag and mess up your airflow. It’s got nine screwless drive bays, which is probably a few too many since even my excellent mobo maxes out at six SATA connections. It costs $99, which is reasonable, and there’s more information at the site if you want the millimeterage and so on.

NZXT Tempest Mid-Tower Case