Confirmed: Scoble Going To Fast Company To Build Army Of Scoble Show Style Shows

scoble1.jpgAs first reported exclusively on TechCrunch by Michael December 12, blogger Robert Scoble has left Podtech and is headed to Fast Company.

According to, Scoble will be building an army of Scoble-show style clones into a new Fast Company business video blogging network, as well as keeping up appearances with his own show. Congrats to Scoble on the new job and Scoble fans will be particularly happy, because you can never have enough Scoble, or in this case Scoble plus five new shows created by Scoble in Scoble’s style but presented by other people. As long as they fix the video quality on the Qik live streams I’m sure we’ll have nothing to complain about.