Here Come the Shareholder Lawsuits Against Yahoo

The inevitable shareholder lawsuits have started to be filed against Yahoo for not accepting Microsoft’s bid. Yesterday, the Wayne County Employee’s Retirement System of Michigan, was the first to file suit. The retirement fund owns 13,600 shares. You can expect more shareholders to pile on board, especially if this thing drags out.

In fact, that is not the only shareholder suit Yahoo is facing. On February 1, the day Microsoft made its recent offer, another shareholder lawsuit was filed against Yahoo in California for failing to accept Microsoft’s bid from the year before. They might want to amend that lawsuit to include Yahoo’s most recent rejection as well.

The more that Yahoo fights the merger, the more shareholder lawsuits will pop up. The reports in the media typically note how this is increasing the pressure on Yahoo. Nothing against Wayne County, but 13,600 shares is a tiny stake for an institutional investor. If bigger investors started suing, then the pressure would be noticeable. But big investors don’t sue, they vote their shares.