I accuse Fujitsu! In the FCC with the full-featured ultraportable

If the MacBook Air is the bouncy, anorexic cheerleader of the ultraportable world (though 13.3″ is pushing the “ultraportable” label; I guess that would make her awkwardly tall in this metaphor), then this Lifebook P8010 is the greasy, frizzy (bad picture before) slick, capable know-it-all. Yet somehow lighter. This Fujitsu wonder has three USB ports, Wi-Fi, ethernet and Bluetooth. It also has an 80GB (or more) hard drive, RAM up to 4GB, and weighs just 2.69 lb. Nice.

Integrated graphics are to be expected in such small package, but the processor sounds shady: SL7100 VL? Where’s my tiny Core2? It’s shiny looking on the outside, ordinary looking on the inside, and, well, comes with Vista. Expect it soon, the FCC is poring over it and objecting to various bits, no doubt.

Fujitsu Lifebook P8010 [PC Launches]