iPartee Releases Event Widget

Event and venue-centric social network IPartee, which we have compared to a crowd of other online event services, has released a widget that allows users to share event details through their blogs, social networking profiles, and websites.

We have embedded a widget below for the Crunchies ceremony that took place on Friday. Were we to have used iPartee for our invitations, you could have used it to see the event’s guests. Even though we didn’t use it for this purpose, you can still comment and review the event using the widget; you can also view photos taken at the event.

The widget adds to the ways IPartee extends its presence across the web. You can also syndicate IPartee event information to Facebook, WordPress, Typepad, and Blogger.

iparteeWidget = {
eid: 3781,
s: “MjAwOC0wMS0wOCAxNjoxNzozOQ”