IPartee is Ready to Party

ipartee-logo.pngThe social invite/event party is getting crowded. There’s Evite, Eventful, Upcoming, Windows Live Events, Zvents, Socializr, MyPunchbowl, Skobee, Renkoo, MadeIt, and ImThere, not to mention Facebook. Now, IPartee is trying to squeeze into the room. The Toronto-based startup, which was in the TechCrunch40 Demo Pit, emerged from private beta today. It is now open to anyone who wants to create a social network around concerts, clubbing, or other events. You can create a profile for yourself, for an event, or for a venue.

Some of IPartee’s features include a social network, polls, personal calendars, event and venue calendars, groups, event photos, and event reviews. IPartee does a decent job at tying all of these things together. The ability to sell tickets through the site will come soon. People like to socialize around events, and the Web makes it easier to plan, promote, and find events. What IPartee needs, though, is a Facebook app and an OpenSocial app because nobody wants to recreate their social network just to do one thing.

Here is a group page for Montreal Indie Music:


Here is a 19-year-old’s profile page: