A sweet lens for the hardcore wide-spectrum photographer in your life

I personally haven’t had any trouble with chromatic aberration in the non-visible wavelengths of light, but then again I’m not shooting in infrared. You should though, it’s cool, but there is the question of whether your camera is up to it. If your sensor will detect the non-visible light, there’s still another problem: that type of light acts differently and both focus and exposure will be different. Enter Coastal Optical Systems, who have made a lens with special elements to allow the optics to perform equally well at the limits of UV and infrared lights as in the visible spectrum. They claim to have eliminated the ghosting and hotspots that occur due to lenses not intended to deal with IR and UV light.

I’d love to try one out, but I’m afraid such a specialized piece of equipment would cost a grip. Still, it’s good to know it’s out there if I ever feel like rocking the >700 nanometer wavelength range, there’s a lens that will take me there.

First fully corrected lens for the UV-VIS-NIR spectrum is introduced by Coastal Optical Systems
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