2007 Had Its Share Of Internet Woes

2007 definitely felt like it had its share of Internet woes.

There was the mundane, such as Twitter’s frustrating downtime. And there were more dramatic moments, like when a truck slammed into a power transformer and brought down a significant part of the Internet. Through it all, Pingdom was there to quietly monitor when sites were live or not.

Today they summarized the major incidents on the Internet in 2007. In addition to the Twitter and Rackspace outages above, the report also mentions the multi-day Skype outage in August (it was Microsoft’s fault), the 365 Main outage in San Francisco, and other major Internet problems.

By the way, if you don’t recognize the image, it’s because you were never a Bloglines user. That guy, the Plumber, popped up whenever Bloglines was down, which was quite often back in 2005/2006. They may still have a lot of downtime, but we, along with a lot of other users, moved on to Google Reader last year.