• Android Prototype: Lets Hope Looks Can Be Deceiving

    Gizmodo has got their hands on a photograph (pic right) of a prototype phone running Google’s Android Open Mobile operating system. According to the report, the phone itself looks like it may have been manufactured by HTC. What it means: The OS obviously works already, and this looks like a closed testing round to iron out the bugs, so there’s a good chance that Android is… Read More

  • Somebody somewhere is touching Android

    And he took a picture and sent it to Gizmodo. It looks pretty sharp, and the hardware seems rugged as well. The hot tipper for the Giz mentioned it was fast, and apparently a little more well-put-together than WinMo. Can’t wait to get my hands on one – this is only a prototype, but it can’t be that far off. It seems like it was only yesterday it was running on raw PCB with… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Carriers Roundup

    Smartphones and not-so-smartphones are gaining popularity and the necessity of finding a decent plan is becoming more and more important. Not every carrier is really providing a good price point for first adopters or really, even slightly economically-minded smartphone users. What we’re looking at today is what the Big Four carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) have on offer. Read More

  • Bloglines Gets A Triple Dose Of New Features

    Bloglines has added three new features to its RSS reading service. First up is the ability to save posts including text and graphics from within Bloglines to a “Saved” folder. This allows users to have quick access to previously read posts at a later date. “Photo Widget” provides large thumbnails of images from Flickr feeds; previously only a text description was… Read More

  • ComVentures Merges With Velocity, Gets A Much Needed Fresh Start

    Ross Levinsohn (former President of Fox Interactive) and Jonathan Miller (former Chairman and CEO of America Online) launched Velocity Investment Group earlier this year with the goal of acquiring and investing in digital media startups. Today they are announcing a merger with ComVentures, a venture fund with around $1 billion under management. This sounds like a bit of a coup. The new entity… Read More

  • LG's MS25 coming to America, touchscreen, 3G and all

    Europe’s LG KS20 iPhone-espue smartphone is heading to America as the LG MS25, likely to AT&T wireless. The sexy Wi-Fi enabled handset features 3G for GSM, Bluetooth, Windows Mobile 6, and a touchscreen with stylus. It’s based roughly on the hot Prada phone, and will likely retain the 2-Megapixel camera with flash and video support. Look for it sometime late next quarter… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Get more done with these third-party applications

    The whole idea of smartphones is that they should help to make your life easier. But sometimes it can be a daunting task to figure out which third-party applications are worth the time and money to install and use. These eight great apps are easy to install, easy to use, and should help you be more productive from day to day. Read More

  • Samsung T819 3G T-Mobile phone a little closer to reality

    The Samsung t819, which we first mentioned a couple days ago as an FCC leak, has leaked a bit more, this time giving us full stats from T-Mobile. While no exact release date is given, we have the vague “January” time frame now, which is in line with what we’ve been hearing. It’s tight mid-range package, with a passable 1.3-Megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, full… Read More

  • Founders Fund Closes $220 Million Second Fund

    San Francisco based Founders Fund launched in 2005 with a $50 million venture fund. They’ve had two liquidity events since then, and a handful of other very high profile investments (Facebook, Powerset, Ooma, Quantcast, Slide, Geni, Causes, etc.). Today they will announce a second fund, Founders Fund II. It’s much larger – $220 million. And unlike the first fund, the money… Read More

  • Mobiblu Folding Cube

    Mobiblu today unveiled a folding version of its popular cube-shaped-budget DAPs. The point behind this is completely unapparent to me, but if you’ve ever found yourself yearning for a cube-shaped audio player that could unfold into a stupid little cross, then Mobiblu has you, and probably only YOU, in mind. So nice of them to appeal to one customer. That’s what I call… Read More

  • Gilty Couture iPod cases: When an iPod isn't enough of a gift

    Getting someone an iPod for Xmas is, in itself, old and tired. I mean, the iPods been around since before Lohan could legally drink, so if you do decide to give one this year, shouldn’t you bling the hell out of it? Enter the Gilty Couture iPod cases, which offer one-stop outfitting for most current lines of iPods. The jewel-encrusted silver- or gold-plated cases don’t just… Read More

  • Big, awesome, portable SNES casemod

    If you’re still unsure of what to get the teen child of that giant who lives at the top of the beanstalk in your backyard for Xmas, you might want to try getting craft and make him something, like this dope SNES casemod. Using an LCD screen and an SNES, a cool but nameless engineer built this case out of wood, and made what amounts to a large GameBoy advance, kinda. It’s portable, in… Read More

  • HD Radi-who? An HD Radio Buyer's Guide makes HD radio actually look interesting

    I’m a satellite radio guy but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to regular radio now and again. Thanks to HD radio, you can now listen to commercials, Soulja Boy, and commercials 24/7 in CD quality, ensuring you’ll never miss a song you’ve never really heard before but is apparently very popular as a ringtone and, as a result, gets played on terrestrial stations… Read More

  • GOOD Energy Vampirism

    GOOD Magazine that is. The shamelessly self-testifying publications has released a cutesy chart depicting the energy consumed by your devices in passive and active standby modes. Standby energy consumption is said to cost consumers $3 billion per year. An easy solution is to use powerstrips and simply hit the office switch during periods that your devices are unused. There is definitely a… Read More

  • Bug Labs opens SDK, starts Wiki for users

    What good is open source hardware without an online home for the developers? It’s not, so Bug Labs, has introduced the community side of its website, which includes the SDKs and a virtual BUGBase and collection of hardware components, so you can start getting your bug on now. For those not in the loop, Bug Labs is targeting hardware the way Linux targets operating systems; making… Read More

  • Summize: A Sentiment Engine For The "Reviewosphere"

    Sometimes reading online product reviews can be a real time sink. There are so many opinions out there—from CNet to Amazon to blogs. It can take a long time and a lot of sifting to figure out what people really think. But now there is another way. If you want a snap shot of popular sentiment about a book, movie, CD, or gadget, type its name into Summize. Started by two AOL expats… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to integrate your iPod with your car stereo easily

    Many car stereo houses are pushing car decks this holiday season that have built-in iPod integration. There’s a dock connector, and most let you view and control the content on your deck’s face, a pretty cool feature. And, since iPods and other MP3 players are replacing CDs, this kind of integration only makes sense. But if you’ve got a good deck and don’t want to shell… Read More

  • Verizon gets its hands on Palm Treo 755p

    The Palm OS device has found its way to Verizon Wireless, the carrier announced today. It runs version 5.4.9 of the OS and operates on Verizon’s acceptably speedy EV-DO network. Unlike Sprint’s red and blue versions, the Verizon 755p will come in a dark metallic blue-green shell. For some crazy reason, Verizon has decided to price the device ridiculously high. Even with a two… Read More

  • Welcome to Smartphones Now 2007

    It’s that time of year again… Smartphones Now time! Smartphones Now is our annual discussion of all things smartphones and will detail the ins and outs of a turbulent and exciting year, a year eclipsed by an 800-pound gorilla and witness to some spectacular flame outs. This is a year of transition, a time when Apple redefined the market and Microsoft played catch-up. New interfaces… Read More

  • BBC man had to leave Microsoft to innovate

    Six months after leaving Microsoft, BBC future media and technology controller Erik Huggers has blogged on the BBC Internet blog that he actually had to leave Microsoft in order to innovate. Formerly the senior director for Microsoft’s entertainment business (notes PaidContentUK), with responsibility for driving Windows Media adoption amongst European broadcasters, Huggers blogs… Read More

  • For Sale: Used Social Voting Site, Asking Price $300 Million, Goes By The Name Of Digg

    It seems like every other month rumors of Digg either being acquired or being shopped come up (see our November summary here). VentureBeat has word that Digg is getting serious about a sale and has hired Allen & Company to shop the site for $300 million. Investment bank Allen & Company has been involved in a number of high profile acquisitions and mergers previously, including Seagram… Read More

  • Jiggy: Roll yer own iPhone apps

    We just got a note about Jiggy, an IDE that lets you build and run Javascript apps right on your jailbroken iPhone. I installed it on my 1.1.2 iPhone and it seems to be working except I can’t save any files. If you’d like to add it to your phone, go into Installer.app — presuming you’ve already jailbroken your iFone — and add www.jiggyapp.com/i as a source. Then… Read More

  • The Phantom is actually shipping – the Phantom Lapboard that is

    The Phantom console has been a sort of running vaporware joke for years now, as many of you must know. So how weird is it that they’re actually putting out a product that looks kind of cool? Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work – I can’t see myself typing with the keys at a 22-degree angle, but the device itself looks pretty solid, and… Read More

  • O2 loses the plot over IPTV

    Does anyone else think that mobile companies launching home TV services is a boring story? Various news outlets are reporting today that O2 plans to go head-to-head with rival operator Orange and launch its own IPTV service. A UK trial looms after O2 had a “successful” rollout with a 50 channel service to a whopping 70,000 customers in that hotbed of media, the Czech Republic the… Read More

  • Rumor: Canon dropping new DSLR?

    According to the Swedes and what they’ve interpreted from the Swedish VP of Canon, Robert Westin, Canon will be introducing a new DSLR on January 24th, which is a week before PMA, in case you wanted to know. I haven’t been following this rumor all too close since I’m a Pentax man, but new DLSRs from any of the big boys are always fun. The PB thinks it’ll be a… Read More

  • Quickbooks for Mac Deletes Desktop Files

    Users of Quickbooks for Mac are discouraged from applying the most recent software update. Upon applying said update, users are experiencing a glitch that states “not enough free disk space.” If the users clicks OK, then all desktop files are erased. If you find yourself in this position, you must force quit Quickbooks to avoid deletion of your desktop files. If you have Quickbooks… Read More

  • RotateMe, a free Symbian app to automatically rotate your mobile's screen

    One of the handy things about phones like the iPhone and Ocean is the ability to switch between landscape and portrait depending on what app, game, or media you’re using. Well, a nice guy named Samir has written up a little Symbian app that lets you rotate your screen using a hotkey or, if you have an N95, by turning the screen. Handy, that. And it doesn’t appear to break… Read More

  • Monday Fundings: Live Gamer Raises $24 Million, Streamezzo Raises $22 million

    Two decent-sized fundings were announced today. Paris-based Streamezzo raised $22 million in a C round led by a Kuwaiti investment group, NTEC. That brings the total capital put into the firm, which sells technology for mobile-TV and rich-media streaming applications, to $48 million. Other investors include Sofinnova Partners, AXA Private Equity, and Qualcomm. Live Gamer came out of… Read More

  • Hong Kong man leaves his kid on the sidewalk during marathon gaming session

    Those Hong Kongians must live in a crazy future world, because now even their vices are next-generation. Some truly serious gamer dad over there, upon learning that he couldn’t bring his 7-year-old daughter into an arcade, left her on the sidewalk for an hour while he played. He then came out and relocated her to an adjacent restaurant, bought her a drink, and went back inside for three… Read More

  • Xbox 360 HD DVD holds one-third of market

    The Inquirer today writes that the 360 makes up one-third of the HD DVD player market. A recently released report speculates that 750,000 HD DVD players are currently in homes and that 269,000 of them are of the Xbox 360 add-on variety. It still remains unclear whether HD DVD or Blu-ray is winning the war, but it boils down to several factors. Blu-ray is the better technology, but HD DVD is… Read More

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