Wakoopa launches iPhone service

EU News: Wakoopa (site), the Dutch startup which tracks your use of desktop applications and wraps that in a social network, is about to launch a service supporting the iPhone. Just as it allows Windows and Mac users to track the applications they use and get updates, the same will be done for iPhone apps.

The new iPhone service is basically the Apple webapps directory, but adds a lot of other stuff, including an iPhone friendly interface at i.wakoopa.com. Every software page indicates how many people are using the app and who, which makes it generally more useful than Apple’s site. The list of applications is also available at wakoopa.com/iphone.

Wakoopa users can share their preferences with friends, write reviews of their favorite application, and download new ones. The company is backed by a fund of the three biggest media companies in the Netherlands (Ilse, IDG, Telegraaf) and launched back in May this year.

Back at the launch TechCrunch was wondering if the Wakoopa tracker might end up being bundled with some software freebies but that still appears not to be the case. Surely this is missing an opportunity to allow software firms to better target potential users with useful software and updates, based on their preferences? Or am I missing something?